Dana Bisignano is a composer and musician whose original music can be heard on five continents in a myriad of TV programs, including Oprah, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. His film scores have played at the Tribeca and Santa Barbara International Film Festivals.  His own choral work, Kyrie, was debuted at Southern California's Marsee Auditorium. A graduate of the renowned Eastman School of Music, Dana draws inspiration from a wide range of music, from Stravinksy to Radiohead; Bartok to Beck. He has served on the faculty of El Camino and LA Harbor Colleges, and is currently working on a new CD with symphonic and theatrical influences.

A native of Southern California, Dana Bisignano began studying piano at the age of six, spending as much time making up his own music as he did practicing. His family regularly visited the Los Angeles Music Center where he first heard Stephen Sondheim and other musical-theater greats.  Witnessing the power of music combined with theatrical storytelling had a great impact on his musical sensibilities.  As a teenager, he became obsessed with the Beatles and taught himself the guitar. Soon he was writing original rock music, joined a local band and caught the wave of the burgeoning punk music scene. 

Rather than pursuing the career path of a rock musician, Dana chose to study formal composition at UCLA, lured by the opportunity to study under Salome Arkatov, the legendary pianist, film director and producer. It was there Dana discovered the harmonic and rhythmic innovations of Stravinsky and Debussy.

​Craving new environments and experiences, Dana moved to New York to pursue an MFA at the world-renowned Eastman School of Music. There he discovered the music of Steve Reich and Stockhausen, and developed a fascination with the use of Bartok and Ligeti in the films of Stanley Kubrick. This ignited his interest in film scoring, combining music with the power of visual storytelling.

​Dana is consistenly drawn to artists who broke the mold: Miles Davis, Radiohead, James Brown, Led Zeppelin, Sting.  His own compositions are melodically-driven; his range is broad and resonates with his love for classical to rock to reggae. It is no wonder, then, that his compositions have been heard around the globe in a variety of mediums.